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TASKI Vento 8

Vento 8 with complete accessories

Crevice and Dusting Brush Nozzle
Detachable Cable 15 M vento 8/15
Telescopic Tube (32mm) vento 8/15
Floor Tool Grey for vento 15
Suction Tube 3 parts vento 8/15
Suction Hose 2 m vento 8/15
Universal Dust Nozzle
Optional Microfilter Kit(inc exhaust filter)
Disposable paper bags( set of 10 nos)
Disposable fleece bags (set of 10 nos)
Exhaust filters
Filter cloth bag for Vento 8

Key Features
Multifunctional handle
Improved air quality
Easy to maneuver caster system
Multifunctional handle
The functional handle design incorporates a number of features, including an intuitive opening mechanism, ergonomic foot operated on/off switch, and a convenient power cord holder.
Improved air quality
Vacuums utilize an industry-leading filtration system consisting of a new disposable synthetic bag, cloth filter, motor protection filter and optional exhaust filter. HEPA filtration is also available as an additional option. This system results in significantly improved air quality during and after the vacuum operation as well as increased motor life.
Easy to maneuver caster system
The use of two large fixed rear wheels and two freely rotating casters ensures maximum stability and maneuverability of this vacuum cleaning system.
A number of standard features
The TASKI vento 8 and 15 canister vacuum cleaners feature a mounting system for attachments to ease storage as well as a simple method to secure the power cord. The vacuum also comes with convenient accessories (crevice nozzle and upholstery brush) as standard.

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