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TASKI Vacumat 12 230 V/ 50 Hz

Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner 12 Liters
Wet Vacuuming accessories
- suction tube 1x bend
-hose 2 m
- angle coupling
- squeegee with fixed blades
Dry Vacuuming Accessories
Universal dust nozzle
Filter basket (30015-32)
Filter towel
Cloth filter bag

Filter cloth (imported)
- double filter paper bags (pa of 10) - Optional

Flexible and versatile wet and dry tub vacuum cleaner

Key features

Maximum flexibility
True versatility
Increased productivity
Robustness and durability

Maximum flexibility

The wet vacuum cleaner can easily be equipped for dry operation by using an easy to
attach dry vacuuming kit. This makes the machine truly multi-functional for any type
of dry vacuuming on hard and soft floors.

True versatility

Due to a large variety of options the vacuum cleaner can be used for basic cleaning in
combination with TASKI single disc machines; spillage cleaning or day to day cleaning.
The availability of special accessories allows use for stair cleaning and cleaning of
vertical surfaces such as windows or tiles (with TASKI vertica).

Increased productivity

High suction power combined with excellent manoeuvrability and large container
capacity increase the efficiency of operation.

Robustness and durability

A specially designed mechanical float system with a dual filter guarantees double
protection of the motor unit and significantly prolonged service life. The canister
which is resistant to shocks and chemicals ensures high durability.

Technical Data

Container capacity: wet        12 l
Cable length                        10 m
Container capacity: dry         18 l
Suction hose length             2,2m
Container volume                35 l
Castors                              5
Weight with cable               10 kg
Castor diameter                  50 mm
Sound level                        64 dB(A)
Protection class                  II
Nominal consumption          1000 W
Approvals                          SEV, ÖVE, TÜV
Vacuum                            22 kPa
Max air flow                       60 l/s
Dimensions (LxWxH)           390x550x440 mm

TASKI vacumat 12 Euro (excl. accessories)

Accessories/Additional Parts


Wet premium cleaning set
Stair cleaning set (wet & dry)
Dry cleaning set


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