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TASKI Jet 50

Upright brush vacuum cleaner. w/pile lifter, 50cm
- cotton bag (packet of 5)
- double filter paper bags (box of 10) - Optional

Professional upright vacuum cleaner with modern 5-stage filtration system

Key features

Power and efficiency
Improved air quality
Easy and ergonomic transportation

Power and efficiency

The dual motor system of TASKI jet 50 provides an excellent air flow while the high
speed brushes mechanically remove dirt within the fibres of the carpet. This delivers a
superior cleaning result and enhanced appereance of the clean floor. The machine is
lightweight and easily manoeuvrable which allows a very productive and ergonomic
cleaning operation.


The TASKI jet 50 can be used in horizontal position to clean underneath beds and
furniture. Thanks to its flexible hose, a telescopic tube and a crevice/dusting nozzle it
can also be used in areas above the floor. The brush height is easily adjustable for
efficient vacuuming on different types of carpet.

Improved air quality

TASKI jet 50 utilises a modern 5-stage filtration system consisting of double filter paper
dust bag, washable filter, exhaust air filter and carbon brush filter. An optional HEPA-
filter is also available.
Easy and ergonomic transportation

TASKI jet 50 is very operator friendly due to the robust and ergonomic handle which is
also height adjustable in two positions. The compact design, the light weight and the
ergonomically designed carrying handle allows easy transportation from room to
room and over steps or stairs.



Working width 50 cm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 260x500x1200 mm
Dust bag capacity 4 l
Cable length 10 m
Weight with cable 8,3 kg
Brush speed 4500 rpm
Sound level 69 dB(A)
Brush adjustment variable 1-10 mm
Nominal consumption 920 W
Filtration 5-stage
Vacuum 16 kPa
Protection class II
Max air flow 45 l/s

Accessories/Additional Parts Description
Radiator nozzle
Upholstery nozzle
Double filter paper bag (pack of 10)
Fine filter motor protection (pack of 10)
Fine filter exhaust suction unit (pack of 5)
HEPA filter
Tapi deo (airfreshner for vacuum cleaners - pack of 5 x 8 pcs.)

Description of Features

Dusting and crevice nozzles are attached to the machine in direct reach of the operator.
The ergonomic, height adjustable handle with hand protection and a telescopic tube (with 1 cm step adjustment) enables a non fatigue operation.
The brush can be changed without tools and the warning light indicates when the dust bag is full or the brush setting is incorrect.
TASKI jet is manufactured from highly-impact resistant ABS for a long lifetime

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